1. What is www.buildacake.com.vn?

www.buildacake.com.vn is a website for ice cream cake products of BUD’S Ice Cream Vietnam, which is run by North American Food Corporation

2. What are ice cream cake products of BUD’S Ice Cream Vietnam?

There are 4 categories:

  • Luxury Classic Cake: traditional ice cream cakes designed by BUD’S Ice Cream Vietnam, including: Roll, Round 1.5 Lbs, Round 3.0 Lbs, 3-in-1 cakes, Best-in-One cakes and Anniversary cakes
  • Perfect Picture Cake: ice cream cake with an edible picture printed onto, which chosen by customer or from thousand of available themes
  • Beautiful Fondant Cake: ice cream cakes designed by BUD’S Ice Cream Vietnam with decorations made of fondants
  •  Delicious Chocolate Cake: ice cream cakes designed by BUD’S Ice Cream Vietnam with chocolate as the main decoration
3. What is an ice cream cake?

Ice cream cake of BUD’S Ice Cream Vietnam is cake with ice cream as the main ingredient, decorated with whipped cream and other favored toppings such as: candies, almonds, brownies, cookies, fresh fruits, hot fudge, chocolate etc.

4. Tell me more about ice creams used to make ice cream cakes?

Ice creams used to make ice cream cakes are imported ice creams of BUD’S Ice Cream of San Francisco. There are 8 flavors of them. Depend on each type of the cake, customers can choose their favored flavors to build a cake as their wish (applied to round cakes only), or be content with defaulted flavors.


  • Rectangular cake: ice cream cake with 8 defaulted flavors: chocolate, strawberry, cookies & cream, macadamia, vanilla, green tea, hazelnuts and young coconut.
  • Heart-shaped cake: ice cream cake with 2 defaulted flavors: chocolate and strawberry
  • Roll cake: ice cream cake with 1 defaulted flavor depending on the type.
  • Others: depend on the styles
5. Storage instructions?
  • Dry ice is made of CO2 and non-toxic at low amount. Dry ice sublimates at -78oC at atmospheric pressure. Do not contact without protection to avoid cold burn.
  • Dry ice bag can protect ice cream mooncakes in approximately 2 hours. For longer time, please store ice cream mooncakes in deep freezer or at places where temperature is -18oC or lower.
  • The ice cream inside ice cream mooncakes will melt if stored at temperature is higher than -18oC. Ice cream quality will drop if melt and frozen
  • Ice cream mooncakes stored at right temperature (-18oC or below) will retain the quality and not being broken when cut.
6. What is KOOL BOX?

KOOL BOX is a special box for ice cream cakes with 2 main functions:

  • Protect ice cream cakes for long distance transportation: KOOL BOX will be prepared with CO2 ices in order to be able to keep ice cream cakes in shape up to 6 hours.
  • Decoration: put the cake onto a stray with CO2 ice below, then pour some water to create the white smoke effect
7. What is promo code?

Promo code is a special code provided by BUD’S Ice Cream Vietnam. If you are notified about the code, please insert it when placing your order on our website, your order will be automatically discounted.

8. What kind of payment I should make? Do I have to make an online payment?

After submitting your order successfully, our Customer Service Department staff will contact you shortly to confirm your order. You can pay for your order before or after delivery. Orders submitted via www.buildacake.com.vn are still paid via normal payments. Online payment is unavailable.

9.Still have more questions? Please contact us:

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